James Dyson Award

Inspired by a NASA space rover, the 2018 UK and International winner of the James Dyson Award want to make electricity in windy cities.

“I was captivated by the simplicity of the design, relative to the enormous ambition of competing in the renewable energy sector.”

Sir Kenneth Grange, Chair of Judges

Design Intelligence Award

O-Wind was awarded the Future Talent Award 2021, being recognised for its innovative blade-less design that allows for safe urban electricity generation.

Strait of Magellan Award

Recipient of the Strait of Magellan Award National Category for Innovation and Exploration with Global Impact.

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Siemens Ingenuity for Life

The O-Wind technology was a finalist in the Siemens Ingenuity for Chile Category in 2018.

WorldLabs Elevating Ideas

O-Wind was placed 2nd in the WorldLabs Eleveting Ideas competition in 2018.