Invention of omni-directional technology

Nicolas Orellana enters a competition held by NASA for an alternative design for the Mars Rover. He explores the option of a wind-driven ball to cover the surface of the red planet.

James Dyson Award

The initial concept is redesigned as an omni-directional wind turbine. This goes on to win both the National and International James Dyson Award.
Winning the award recognised the concept and the potential O-Wind can have in generating power from the untapped source of urban winds.

O-Innovations is formed

O-Innovations is founded, with the sole goal of commercialising and developing the O-Wind technology Its initial focus is on understanding the omni-directional technology through CFD analysis.

IP is Granted

The O-Wind technology is granted an innovation patent and is extended to 22 countries via the PCT.

Start-up Chile

Participation in one of the top 10 business accelerators in the world, allowing for further CFD analysis of the turbine and the offer of a proposed pilot with Santiago Airport.

Central Research Laboratory

Participation on the UK's leading hardware accelerator, assiting in the formation of a prototype and wind tunnel testing whilst developing the commercial side of O-Innovations

Innovate UK Grant

We have recently been awarded an Innovate UK grant which will help take O-Wind into the next phase of optimisation

Installation of Strategic Pilots

After refining the design, we plan to install strategic pilots in our target markets of urban areas and airports.